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About Our Psychiatric Hospital

Salt Lake Behavioral Health (SLBH) is a private freestanding psychiatric hospital specializing in mental health and substance abuse treatment. Serving Salt Lake City and surrounding area, SLBH provides evidence-based treatment proven to have positive outcomes for patients. Behavioral health treatment is provided in a comfortable atmosphere and adheres to patient privacy and confidentiality standards. At SLBH, the patient, his or her family, and/or significant other are the focus of a caring and compassionate staff well trained in the mental health and drug & alcohol addiction treatment.

Each patient is provided individualized mental health treatment specifically addressing the problems identified in the free initial assessment. The attending psychiatrist and the behavioral health treatment team define personalized approaches for helping the patient with his or her personal problems.

The entire treatment process has the goal of providing support to the patient so that he or she may return emotionally stronger to daily living. The well-defined aftercare plan outlines specific guidelines for the patient to follow in order to maintain progress made in treatment. Our clinical approaches follow evidence-based protocols proven in the field to have a high likelihood of improving the outcome for the patient. The term evidence-based treatment refers to the behavioral health interventions for which research has provided evidence of having significant effectiveness for specific problems.


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