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PTSD Treatment

PTSD Treatment Salt Lake City Utah

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder requires specialized care and a specific approach to therapeutic treatment. Salt Lake Behavioral Health offers treatment for PTSD and other mental health disorders in Salt Lake City, Utah. Whether an individual patient requires inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization or outpatient PTSD treatment, we have a program to provide the level of intervention required for each patient.

At Salt Lake Behavioral Health, we offer treatment for PTSD in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our private psychiatric hospital offers comprehensive mental health disorder and chemical dependency treatment. If PTSD treatment is required, along with treatment for another mental health disorder or drug or alcohol dependency, we provide treatment for co-occurring disorders to provide treatment for PTSD and other disorders.

For current and former members of the military, we provide specialized treatment for PTSD through our Freedom Care program. Using evidence based PTSD treatment for combat post traumatic stress disorder, our psychiatrists and clinical staff provide appropriate treatment based on the needs of the individual patient. In addition, this program addresses exposure to human suffering, grief, and PTSD/Addiction dual diagnosis.

Please browse our website to learn more about Salt Lake Behavioral Health and our treatment for PTSD and other mental health disorders and chemical dependency. We offer free assessments and your assessment is completely confidential. For more information about PTSD treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah, or to request a free assessment, please call 801-264-6000 or 877-640-0220 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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